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Festivals are one of the highlights you would not want to miss when you get to Ladakh. And for the local people and its faith, the auspicious time to earn religious merits. 


One of the most important parts of the festivals is the Cham dance. These are the dances choreographed in great detail, and are performed by the monks. Each of these dances has a theme, which is to show the victory of good over evil and the nature of life.

Some of the masks are fierceful, not the sort of face you would want to meet on a dark night. Others might have the peaceful faces of the Buddha. They usually represent buddhist gods. The more fierce ones normally represent gaurdians or protectors in their wrathful tantric form. When not being used for the festival dances, these masks are often kept in the Gonkhang of the monasteries and you may see them hanging on the pillars if you are lucky.


The dances are usually held in the couryard of the monastery. The monks performs these mask dances as they performed centuries back. Nothing has changed since the day one. They mime to the deeply resonant music which is so spiritually uplifting for them as well as for any listener, tourist or locals. To lighten the experience, in between dances, a mask jester appears and might invite the audience to take part in a clown sequence, poking gentle fun at the unsuspecting participant and making everybody laugh. 


Most of the festivals last for two days, starting on the first day with prayers for the safe proceeding of the festival. After the mask dances, on the second day. 

These are the dates for monastery and other festivals / important happenings in Ladakh for the year 2021. *Dates are subject to change

January 2021

1. Spituk Gustor

11th - 12th, January

February 2021

1. Dosmochey

9th - 10th, February in Leh and Likir


2. Yargon Tungshak

15th - 16th, February in Yarma (Nubra)


3. Stok Guru Tsechu

21st - 22nd, February in Stok

4. Matho Nagrang

26th - 27th, February in Matho

May 2021

1. Saka Dawa*

26th, May all over Ladakh


June 2021

1. Yuru Kabgyad

7th - 8th, June in Lamayuru


2. Hemis Tseschu

20th - 21st, June in Hemis


3. Shachukul Gustor

26th June  -  27th, June in Shachukul

4. Stonge Gustor

27th - 28th, June in Stongde (Zanskar)

July 2021

1. Karsha Gustor

7th - 8th, July in Karsha (Zanskar)


2. Phyang Tserup

7th - 8th, July in Phyang


3. Korzok Gustor

13th - 14th, July in Korzok (Tsomoriri)


4. Thakthok Tseschu

19th - 20th, July in Sakti


September 2021

1. Ladakh Festival

Celebrated at the beginning of september every years this date is the only one not fixed by astrologers. It is organised by the state tourist organisation, J&K Tourism, with help from the local authorities. The aim is to promote Ladakh's rich cultural heritage to the rest of the world. Processions, orchestras, folk dances and archery, along with monastic masked dance and drama performances. It is the festival of colour and culture.


October 2021

1. Diskit Gustor

4th - 5th, October in Diskit (Nubra)


November 2021

1. Thiksey Gustor

22nd - 23rd, November in Thiksey

December 2021

1. Chemrey Angchok

2nd - 3rd, December in Chemde

2. Galdan Namchot**

29th, December all over Ladakh


2. Losar***

3rd, January all over Ladakh

* Saka Dawa is the most important Tibetan Buddhist festival day – celebrating Shakyamuni Buddha’s birth, enlightenment and parinirvana.


** Galdan Namchot is celebrated to commemorate Tsongkhapa, a famous teacher of Tibetan Buddhism whose activities led to the formation of the Gelug school of Tibetan Buddhism. Galdan Namchot also marks the beginning of the new year celebrations in Ladakh.


*** Losar is the New Year. Note, that in Ladakh there is a different date for Losar than in Tibet and other tibetan societies.

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