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Pangong Lake

The one factor that makes this Lake so popular is the fact that it keeps changing colors. Situated in the himalayan range it is 150kms from Leh. This spot has always been a favourite among many photographers. If you love photography, this place is going to be an absolute delight.

Nubra Valley

Nubra is known for its Landscape, Orchards, Bactrian camels, Culture, Tradition, Adventure and monasteries and originally called Ldumra which meant the valley of flowers. The valley is surrounded by snowcapped Himalayan ranges and the great karakoram range. The view of the valley is picturesque and breathtaking.

Tsomoriri Lake

Monastery Tour

During the long course of its history, Ladakh was ruled by several dynasties who brought their culture, religion and traditions to this region, giving it a unique feature. As far as religion is concerned, Buddhism is followed here by a major portion of the population. Irrespective of the rugged terrain and remote inaccessible areas, monks and preachers passed through them and built monasteries all over the place.


​Festivals are one of the highlights you would not want to miss when you get to Ladakh. And for the local people and its faith, the auspicious time to earn religious merits. 

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