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Once upon a time... Wandering Wisdom

As a baby, I and my family were fasinated to travel India. I remember my father asking the only thing to me is to take him around the country. I have never stopped travelling since then. I m a travel enthusiast exploring and learning each and every single day from people and the places. fluent in English, hindi, kannada and ladakhi I visited every places I could in India. The passion for travel prompted me to join in the Travel line in 2010. For over 6 years I have kept alive my travel enthusiasm by real world travel experiences and by helping my clients plan trips as a guide and I always liked the places that are unique and memorable. As time passed few of my lovely clients that I once served introduce and recommended me to more travellers which got in me to the guts to operate treks and tours. I m really happy and excited to meet new travellers, help them with my service and detail ensure a smooth and organized planning process that results in a problem-free trip. My passion is to make sure that the clients experience the pure joy that I myself feels when traveling throughout the world. I m looking forward to operate tours and travels all around the globe but for now I m focused in giving quality service in a the region of ladakh India

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